The Startup City

Berlin is a city full of artists, designers and entrepreneurial risk takers. It’s only natural then, that the startup scene here is bustling with like-minded individuals. Each taking advantage of what the city has to offer. According to Gruenden, an advisory agency for new businesses in Germany, “A startup is founded every 20 minutes in Berlin”.

Today’s Berlin offers relatively cheap living and a diverse international culture. English is a second language here, which has opened it up, drawing in talent from all over the world. A couple of Berlin’s notable startups include, SoundCloud and Number26, but the list goes on. The city must somehow accommodate these entrepreneurs, one form of these is Co-working spaces, just what we offer here at Transistor.

Where does Transistor fit in?

Berlin’s diverse culture is immediately evident here at Transistor. For example, at one of the tables here we have people from Germany, England, France, Canada and two as far away as New Zealand. Just a few weeks ago, one of our very own attended a major event in Vienna. ThePioneers Festival, a gathering for future technologies and entrepreneurship. Bitwala, who have been in Transistor from the start, were awarded the second best Fintech Startup in Europe! Achievements like this are contagious and give us all that extra bit of drive sometimes needed on those early mornings and late nights. Some of our other Startups here in the space include Bitcoinsberlin, all4btc and YNS Network Solutions. You can expect to be hearing about them from us in the near future.

Silicon Allee – Europe’s Startup Center.

The startup scene in Berlin has been described by some as the Silicon Valley of Europe – without the cost. Although Silicon Valley boasts many positives, it is known to be a more costly and more competitive environment. Berlin offers a city of countless first generation startups and numerous Co-working spaces. There are regular events and presentations about startup businesses all around Berlin which brings a sense of community between the local startups here. In fact just last weekend Startup Europe Summit 2016 hosted an event right outside our front door. “For two days, hundreds of policy-makers, founders, venture capitalists and key startup stakeholders converged on Berlin to inspire each other and create frameworks for real change in innovation policy”. This included Uber’s CEO and numerous other CEOs and founders.
Today’s Berlin has emerged from a complex history. Entrepreneurs and other enthusiastic individuals have in turn helped create this vibrant startup scene. Some refer to Berlin itself as a startup, and many have watched it grow over recent years. Whilst many more will continue to do so as this exciting phase of development continues.

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