Kreuzberg’s Schlesisches Tor

Located in the north eastern area of Kreuzberg, just a stone’s throw from the famous Oberbaumbrücke bridge. The area around the U-bahn station Schlesisches Tor (U1) is renowned for its

Kreuzberg – the district that never sleeps

Kreuzberg – also known as Xberg – is one of the most sought after districts in Berlin for both living and working. The district is officially known as Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain, which

Bitcoin, The Cryptocurrency

This week, I had the opportunity to sit down with Dylan McFadyen, the managing director of All4btc (All for Bitcoin).

The Startup City

Berlin is a city full of artists, designers and entrepreneurial risk takers. It’s only natural then, that the startup scene here is bustling with like-minded individuals. Each taking advantage of

Looking to explore Kreuzberg food options?

Kreuzberg is a district notorious for is bohemian lifestyle, and driving factor of this is of course its food options. Here at Transistor Coworking, we feel absolutely blessed to find ourselves

Partytime in Berlin’s Fintech Hub

Last night we celebrated the third Transistor after-work Party. After our opening party was so much fun we had another, and then another. With the third time lucky, it’s safe

Transistor Coworking is fully operational!

It’s been some time since our last post and wow, has a lot happened! After a lot of hard work and preparation, Transistor Coworking is now fully operational. We’ve been

First tables arrive

It’s been exciting days for us since we recently got the go for our transistor co-working space. We found the best possible location and we want to create something truly