Kreuzberg’s Schlesisches Tor

Located in the north eastern area of Kreuzberg, just a stone’s throw from the famous Oberbaumbrücke bridge. The area around the U-bahn station Schlesisches Tor (U1) is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, particularly at night. Around this U-bahn station you will witness Berlin’s bohemian culture at its finest. It hosts an array of food options, bars and some of Berlin’s best nightlife, all within a few minutes walk from this Kreuzberg U-bahn station.

Right outside the Schlesisches Tor (S-Tor) station there is a variety of food options. These include, pizza, pasta, burgers and as always, the turkish kebab – döner. Just a few footsteps away from the U-bahn station is one of berlin’s most popular burger joints – Burgermeister.

“Burgermeister is a beauty under the U-bahn railway. Prices are low, the standard is high. The atmosphere is great and the surroundings are mindblowing”. – Cheesy Burger.

Although it’s a small place with limited outdoor seating, the quality of food and the unique atmosphere makes it definitely worth a try. The menu caters for everyone, and be sure to try the chilli-cheese fries – my personal favourite.


Above: Burgermeister at night

It’s not just the immediate area around S-tor that’s popular. Take a short walk down Schlesische Straße and you will find yourself looking at an abundance of restaurants and bars.

Just a few minutes further and over the bridge and you will be in the heart of berlin’s clubbing scene. Here you’ll find, Chalet, IPSE and Club der Visionäre. All of these clubs offer a unique berlin style experience.

Chalet is located in a 150 year old building and has an outdoor garden that is perfect to watch the sunrise from. IPSE is primarily an outdoor club on the river spree with a well set up open air space to enjoy the nights DJs. Club der Visionäre is a rustic ‘afterhours bar’ that offers a large chillout area on a wooden deck right on the canal. It also hosts two outdoor bars and a small dance floor upstairs. In typical berlin style, these clubs are open all night in the weekends.

Above: Club der Visionäre.

Occasionally, S-tor itself becomes a crowded ‘bar like atmosphere’.

“Nothing compares to Friday nights at Schlesisches Tor. I’ve happened to be in the area after midnight on two separate Friday nights so far this summer, and both times, it’s been an amazing party with all types of people”. – The Travels of Adam

Whether you are after a quick bite to eat in a vibrant atmosphere, a few drinks in a social area or a berlin style night of partying, S-Tor in Kreuzberg is definitely worth a visit.

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