Kreuzberg – the district that never sleeps

Kreuzberg – also known as Xberg – is one of the most sought after districts in Berlin for both living and working. The district is officially known as Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain, which is connected by the famous Oberbaumbrücke Bridge. The area is undoubtedly the cultural center of the city’s bohemian culture, emerging from a rich and diverse history. It has something for everyone, combining the city’s best food, nightlife and endless entertainment options. And all at affordable prices!

Kreuzberg After work activities

It’s hard not to notice the energy of this vibrant district. It is a constant hive of activity day and night. The options are endless when it comes to after work activities. If you want to burn off some built-up energy, there are gyms, yoga classes and a variety of parks. A little further south, just out of Kreuzberg, you will find Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin’s abandoned airport. Here there is an enormous amount of free space to do whatever you want. You will witness all types of activities here, such as, cycling, running, skating, football, basketball and more. Viktoria Park on the other hand, is a smaller, less busy park, here you can see a hidden waterfall and a beautiful lookout over the city.

Kreuzberg also hosts one of Berlin’s best spots for open air movies, freiluftkino. Every night of the week (during summer) there is a movie playing. And naturally, they offer German language movies with English subtitles and vice versa.

If you are looking to sit down for a quick bite to eat or just for a drink, there are countless cafes, bars and restaurants all around Kreuzberg. Check out our previous blog on Kreuzberg’s food options for more. A personal favorite evening routine, which is a regular for many, is to grab a cold beer from the nearest kiosk and relax by a canal to finish off the day.

Working late? – Not a problem.

Even if you are working late and want to find something to do after work, rest assured, Kreuzberg won’t be sleeping.


“Forget about New York – Berlin is the city that truly never sleeps.” – Lonely Planet


Check out resident advisor any night of the week for something entertaining. It will provide you with a variety of options – of all scales. Or download the free social events app, Vamos, to your electronic device. Heureka described Vamos as, “The berlin startup giving you no excuse for a night in.”

Below you can see Kreuzberg (the bottom right) is the most popular area for co-working spaces in Berlin.

Berlin coworking spaces most are in Kreuzberg

Here at Transistor we feel truly fortunate to be situated in the middle of this great district and city. In Berlin’s Kreuzberg there is simply no excuse for getting bored.



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