Looking to explore Kreuzberg food options?

Kreuzberg is a district notorious for is bohemian lifestyle, and driving factor of this is of course its food options. Here at Transistor Coworking, we feel absolutely blessed to find ourselves right in the middle of these delectable options! Today we thought we’d share a few favorites we’ve discovered over our first three months of operating. Beginning with some super thrifty favorites, and working our way up in price, and quality.

Thrifty Food Treats:

Two absolute favorites around the place are the Nachtigal Imbiss, and Pita Pitta. Nachtigal – just up the road on Ohlauer Straße – is the quintessential Berlin Imbiss. Rating low in interior design, and super high in flavor. They offer Shawarma as opposed to Döner, and naturally the entire plethora of vegetarian options. Falafel, Halloumi, Makali etc. Frequented by many of the Transistor crew, lunch time rush can be pretty busy here.

Pita Pitta, is a small Pizzeria/Burger joint a couple of hundred meters away, just over the Höbrechtbrücke across the Landwehrkanal. This place makes the list for convenience and thrift. They offer burgers, fries and full sized pizzas, but are really one of our favorites for the 1€ slices of pizza. Right next to one of the better priced bottle stores in the city, they often see us around Feierabend, the perfect pit-stop on the way into your evening.

Most Frequented:

There are several Thai/Vietnamese places in the neighborhood, but so far our favorite is Pho H&D. The food quality is excellent, and the meals are competitively priced. A large portion of the menu sitting under 5€. My personal recommendation, is the Bun Bo Nan Bo.

Every Friday there is the Turkish Market running alongside the Landwehrkanal on Maybachufer. On a sunny day, this is an absolutely perfect way to spend a lunch hour. Workers poor out of their interiors and into a huge variety of cooked meals, market snacks and super fresh produce, all at unbelievable prices. Its a great atmosphere in the sun, mingling about the bridges and riverside parks.

New on the block:

One of the most recent discoveries in the area is The Bread Station. A Nordic-cuisine bakery that produces everything in store, and using only organic ingredients. The level of quality is evident immediately after stepping through the door, the interior is gorgeous and the smells tantalizing. Their work is the result of 20 years of product design, using the best quality Nordic grains. Whether you’re looking for a delicious home-baked loaf of bread, or simply a butter croissant to start your morning, the bread station is a great option.stilinberlin-berlins-best-bread-the-bread-station-1708-905x604

Kreuzberg In Closing:

Of course one of the best things about Kreuzberg is the infinite supply of cafes & restaurants to explore. Here at Transistor we have put together the aptly titled “Open Source Analog Proximity Orientated Database” – a notice board – where everyone can share their favorite spots around the neighborhood. Pop by and check it out! And if you’re not already, follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay tuned for some more tips on this fascinating district.   

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