Partytime in Berlin’s Fintech Hub

Last night we celebrated the third Transistor after-work Party. After our opening party was so much fun we had another, and then another. With the third time lucky, it’s safe to say its become a regular thing! 

After four days of hard work the desks were pushed aside, beers out on ice, music turned up. The interior space transformed from a vibrant Fintech Startup Hub, into a bustling evening of easy laughs and mingling. A selection of snacks went well with the complimentary beers. And those whose palate wasn’t quite satisfied with beer alone, were able to enjoy an assortment of cocktails from Bar Franzotti guest Merlin. He prepared a selection of tasty beverages at a discounted price, which could even be paid for in Bitcoin.

We enjoyed the company of a diverse range of guests, extending well beyond the Bitcoin community. It was great to see many familiar faces from around the Umspannwerk. People who had only exchanged nods and simple pleasantries between the hours of nine to five, had the chance to get to know their neighbors a bit better over a few beers.

Connecting People

Bringing like minded people together is what Transistor is all about. A tech focused community who can collaborate professionally, bouncing ideas and covering one another’s blind spots. But also a place to relax and celebrate after the days work is done.

I love the Transistor parties, it’s a great opportunity to meet the people I share the space with on a level that goes beyond work and business.

-Dylan McFadyen

Bitcoin specialists Bitwala and All4btc have been with Transistor since its conception. But in addition to the Fintech crowd, the Transistor community continues to develop and open up to  different Tech focused areas. In addition to the original crew, we have recent additions YNS Network Solutions and Meteor Factory.

Its great to have Conichi check in with us, their team of twenty or so has really added a vibrancy to the place. Our little Startup of Startups is really starting to fill up! Exciting times indeed. If you haven’t already, come by check us out, we’re always happy to meet new people and hear there views and perspectives.

We’re already looking forward to throwing the next Transistor Party, and have increasingly ambitious ideas! If you’re not already, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the details. See you at the next party!

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