Financing your Startup?

Financing is an issue all small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) grapple with.

Without a stack of capital in reserve, every entrepreneur will have to concern themselves with finding ways to fund their company’s growth. The problem is, many traditional financing methods are bound by bureaucratic hurdles, carry a host of fees, and aren’t nimble enough to serve today’s competitive market. Seeking a bank loan, for example, can yield a four- to eight-week approval process.

Enter Advanon

Advanon, a Zurich-based invoice financing firm founded by three former Google employees, offers a simple, flexible solution for SMEs to increase their liquidity in less than 24 hours. Just a few clicks can free up the necessary cash flow to take your business to the next level.

The process is a breeze: simply upload an invoice that you’d like to have pre-financed, determine the fee you are willing to pay for the pre-financing, and receive the money once an investor has decided to pre-finance it.

How invoice financing can help your business

A small-scale example: You run a wedding cake shop. You have 500 orders for next month, but not enough cash to bake the cakes and pay staff. You can’t afford to wait one to three months for your customers to pay, so you seek an intermediary to take on the task of paying the invoice. Advanon’s platform connects your open invoice with potential intermediaries (investors) so you can get your money now and spend it on what’s necessary to sustain and grow your business.

Once you receive the money from your customer(s), you repay your investor the amount plus the agreed upon fee. Below is an example of what customers normally pay for their financing. You can generate your own calculation here.

Advanon’s service is equally attractive for investors. Depending on the degree of risk you’re willing to take on, investors can see returns ranging from six to over 20 per cent. Check out the breakdown below:


*Company credit ratings are determined by the credit agencies Crif (60%) and Dun & Bradstreet (40%) and can be used as an indicator whether or not the company will be able to repay the investment.

A powerful dashboard

A dashboard provides an organized overview of invoices you’ve pre-financed. A ‘browse’ section allows you to search for invoices most suitable to your investment strategy. You’ll be able to read details about the invoice, ratings and information about the company. A transaction overview tracks your investments and their yield.

With ticket sizes range from CHF 1,043 to over 250,000 and a monthly volume of almost CHF 3 million, Advanon has emerged as a reliable, flexible financing platform that SMEs can employ to advance their business.

In addition to its Zurich office, you can find Advanon located at Transistor in Kreuzberg, Berlin, a full-range coworking space, startup hub, and entrepreneurial community. From flexible financing plans to dynamic spaces and unparalleled networking opportunities, Transistor offers Advanon and like-minded business-starters a perfect home at the heart of Berlin’s most exciting neighbourhood.

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